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Therapeutic Yoga counteracts stress, eases anxiety, creates balance and equanimity, quiets the mind, stretches connective tissue, releases tension from muscles, rests and restores organs and their functio, increases immune function, improves flexibility and well-being. 

Laurie's career has centered around movement. As an accomplished competitive diver and synchronized swimmer, she discovered the buoyant serenity of 3D movement within a fluid and soon after began applying that knowledge to her years as a professional dancer. From dance, Laurie developed an acute awareness of the human body and how it lives, breathes and moves. Yoga became a natural bend in her path. She is certified as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and therapeutic yoga practitioner. Her 45 years of experience working with the human body has given her a large repertoire of techniques and an uncanny intuitive sense of what works for each individual to recover from injury or illness and re-establish well-being. 

"...deep breathing, stretching, movements that release muscle tension, relaxed focus on being present in your body, allow the healing mechanisms to turn on."
- Richard Faulds
Bloom Yoga
1988 Old Mission Drive, Solvang